Access Control

Organizations benefit from access control systems to manage access and protect people, assets and property, provides comprehensive physical and logical access control solutions to secure your facilities, assets, networks and cloud resources. Physical and logical access systems can be integrated together to streamline processes. One converged technology badge can control access to physical doors, as well as access to computer terminals and other equipment.

Perimeter Protection

Ensures safeguarding of the approach ways to an industrial facility or a privately owned parcel of land and is the first line of defense for an object. Due to a number of restrictions, a perimeter security system should be used in combination with some other security systems and alarms

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance solutions are security tools that help reduce crime and protect people and property. These solutions deter revenue loss from stolen merchandise, destruction of valuable information and vandalism. We design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of Video Surveillance solutions to meet customers’ specific needs and budgets, from large commercial enterprises to home security platforms, from simple camera systems for small offices and businesses to complex solutions for urban traffic management systems. video surveillance cameras use the power of internet networking to send and receive data. This makes them easy to install and connect to your system, and you can view live camera feeds at any time with free mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.